Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classroom Stream

Years ago, I stumbled upon a website titled "A Stream Ecosystem in the Classroom."  I have been intrigued by this idea ever since, but kept procrastinating building one.  Well, this summer, a couple of cabinets had to be removed from my classroom to help out another teacher, which gave me some wall space.  I finally decided to get the project going.  With scrap wood laying around in the shed (which my wife always wants me to find a use for), about 15 dollars worth of plastic gutter material, and a couple of hours of time, I came up with this:

The gutter pieces are about 6.5 feet long.  I simply bought two 10 footers, cut 6.5 out of two of them, and then connected the scraps for the middle piece.

I am not a big homework person, but the first assignment of the year will be for kids to bring in muck, and rocks, and sand and other wet gross things.  Then, we get to see what happens!

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