Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Student Teacher

I have a student teacher starting on Monday that will stay for the entire 4th quarter.  This is a new thing for me.  I am nervous.  New things make a person nervous.  I am well prepared, but it is a big responsibility.  Are there any last minute bits of advice anyone would want to share?


  1. Ask lots of questions, like:

    "How do you feel it went? Why?"
    "Is there anything you would change? Why would you change that?"
    "What did you do well?"
    "What do you think you need to improve upon?"
    "What would you do if....."
    "How could you do it differently?"

    And, above all:

    "How was your lesson focused on student learning?"
    "How do you know the students learned what you wanted them to learn?"

    It's all about making this time for them a time of reflection. And, for me, not trying to tell them how I would do it, but letting them find their own way. (And that's hard for this control freak!)

    Have fun, and enjoy this mentoring opportunity while it lasts!

  2. I definitely agree with Mrs. E. My cooperating teacher had me self-reflect in writing on EVERYTHING and it made me a much better teacher.

    Make sure you have them focus on positives of the lesson before the negatives. Pick the 2 biggest positives and make sure they keep doing those things and then work on the negatives one at a time.

    I didn't feel overwhelmed because a lesson went poorly because I knew she wouldn't come down on me or just let me flounder. We'd systematically work on areas for improvement until I corrected it and then we'd move on.

    Have fun with the new teacher!